provides a comprehensive product catalogue to meet your needs.  Ice melters, food grade ingredients, industrial ingredients and janitorial products are the cornerstones of our business.  As a producer and a distributor, we have served the Ontario market for 125 years.  Our Cliff Brand product line is complemented by respected manufacturers such as Cargill Salt, Canadian Salt, US Salt and Moltan to name just a few.  We’d be pleased to discuss your requirements.

ICE MELTERS Click here to view de-icing products.

A wide range of de-icing products from the names you know and trust.

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FOOD GRADE INGREDIENTS Click here to view our full range of food grade ingredients.

Toronto Salt offers a wide range of specialty ingredients for food processing.

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INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Click here to view products designed for industrial clients.

Products designed specifically for the industrial clients.

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COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS Click here to view our commercial absorbents and sweeping compounds.

A full range of commercial absorbents and sweeping compounds to suit your business.

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